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About Us

Welcome to Pinazoom

Thank you for making PinaZoom your choice of cleaning and sanitary products. Our mission is to always manufacture the highest quality line of products that surpasses our valued customers expectation. We guarantee that our innovative products will deliver proven performance, enhance the image of your house/facility, and promote wellness.

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About Us

Pinazoom range of products is promoted by the joint venture between Magic Products International Limited (MPI Ltd), a Nigerian company and Magic Group International of the USA. The Pinazoom vision is to be a front liner in the Nigerian Cleaning & Sanitary Products industry, and other viable markets in Africa. Pinazoom products are manufactured in America for packaging, sales and distribution in Africa.To facilitate the introduction of Pinazoom products into the African market, Magic Products International Limited (MPI Ltd) was incorporated in 2014, and has partnered with Magic Group International (MGI) in research and development to derive superior domestic and industrial products.

Extensive local products testing and quality validation preceded the entry of the Pinazoom brand into the Nigerian market in June 2016.

Pinazoom is the flagship of our very rich product portfolio. We have entered the market with brands that are effective and deliver value, better than current market leaders in terms of consumer perception.

Our propensity for product innovation and continuous improvement in all areas of our business is our core strength.

We have entered the market with products that are effective and deliver by far more value based on customer’s perception.

Customer Service

Through Pinazoom products, we will leverage our total service capability to deliver superior value to our customers. Delighted customers are at the core of our existence at Pinazoom.


Through the PinaZoom brand, we are committed to manufacturing products that are safe, effective and friendly to the environment.

Meet Our Team

Our Board of Directors is a collection of seasoned business leaders, with over 120 years of collective world class corporate experience. They are committed to providing  guidance to our management to position Pinazoom as a premium brand, and meet the needs of all stakeholders.



Dada Ojesakoba


Gabriel Ojesakoba


Mojisola Nubi


Olumide Ale


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